Mike Venables Photographer

Creative photography you can depend upon

Mike Venables has a level of experience that few photographers can equal. Many years at the sharp end have built a portfolio of huge variety with consistent quality throughout. Mike is well known to all his clients for his depth of knowledge, creativity, boundless enthusiasm and unwavering attention to detail.

Based close to central London Mike's own studio complex has props, set building materials and a great range of ancillary services on hand.

London Photographer Mike Venables has worked in every corner of the United Kingdom. He has also worked in Europe, USA, and The Middle East.

Mike's clients come from many sectors of the advertising, design and business world. Automotive-Pharmaceutical-Healthcare-Hotels-Retail-Food-Drinks-Chemical and Manufacturing Companies of all kinds look to Mike for his fresh ideas, new concepts and ability to meet the clients best expectations.

Specialist areas:


  • Advertising and Corporate
  • Location:
  • Automotive
  • Cars
  • Trucks

  • Studio:
  • Still life
  • Abstract
  • Special effects
  • Ice

  • Ships
  • Architecture and industry

  • Water
  • Products
  • Food
  • Drink

  • People in situations
  • People at work

  • People in Situations
  • Automotive
  • Cars
  • Set design and build
  • Digital shooting
  • Hi-End digital retouching and digital crafting
  • Preparation of images for print

If you would like to view Mike’s portfolio, please contact us:
020 8542 2444 or e-mail: mike@mikevenablesphotographer.com